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If you are a new or student graphic designer, Design Discussions, will help you along your career path! These articles draw from my own experiences and cover topics of portfolios, tools, and more!


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Hi, I'm Justin. I am a graphic designer and I wanted to share my experiences with you to help you on your path to becoming a great graphic designer!

I know what it is like to be a new or student designer and what it feels like to be flooded with advice and information that often conflicts. I know because I just went through it after deciding to become a graphic designer a few years ago. I was lucky to find a great mentor to help me, and I want to share that advice and guidance with you.

I will post advice to help you start and grow your career, tutorials to help you hone your skills, and cover topics that you might face as a working professional. I hope you will find some useful advice and please leave me an email if you want me to go over a certain topic that I haven't covered yet!

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